1. hunch

noun. ['ˈhʌntʃ'] an impression that something might be the case.


  • bosom
  • impression
  • suspicion
  • belief
  • notion
  • heart
  • intuition
  • opinion


  • calmness
  • concern
  • hope
  • pleasure

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Rhymes with Hunch

  • scrunch
  • crunch
  • brunch
  • punch
  • munch
  • lunch
  • bunche
  • bunch

Sentences with hunch

1. Verb, base form
And when you’re more comfortable, you’ll be less likely to hunch or slouch.

2. Adjective
Note that jungle juice made with drink mixes instead of fruit juice is often referred to as hunch punch.

Quotes about hunch

1. When I die, remember to remove my body from the cooler before you start making the hunch punch. But by all means, do get drunk on my memory.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

2. hunch

verb. ['ˈhʌntʃ'] round one's back by bending forward and drawing the shoulders forward.


  • bend
  • flex
  • hunch over
  • hunch forward
  • change posture


  • gravity
  • dislike
  • pride
  • gratitude

3. hunch

noun. ['ˈhʌntʃ'] the act of bending yourself into a humped position.


  • humility