1. houseplant

noun. any of a variety of plants grown indoors for decorative purposes.


  • rougeberry
  • royal velvet plant
  • purple velvet plant
  • tailflower
  • anthurium
  • Rivina humilis
  • velvet plant
  • blood berry
  • Gynura aurantiaca
  • Persian violet
  • rouge plant
  • bloodberry
  • kohleria
  • Aglaonema modestum
  • episcia
  • tail-flower
  • plant
  • Exacum affine
  • plant life
  • Chinese evergreen
  • gloxinia
  • Japanese leaf
  • plectranthus

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Sentences with houseplant

1. Noun, singular or mass
To propagate a houseplant, use a knife to cut one or more pups loose and then plant each pup on a piece of driftwood or in a wire basket.

2. Adjective
They require a bit more care than your average houseplant, but the variegated, colorful leaves add a bit of life to any indoor environment.