1. hologram

noun. ['ˈhɔloʊˌgræm'] the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holography.


  • photograph
  • picture
  • exposure
  • pic
  • holograph


  • safety


  • -gram (English)
  • holo- (English)
  • ὅλος (Ancient Greek (to 1453))

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Example sentences of the word hologram

1. Noun, singular or mass
Switch on the spot light and check the quality of your hologram.

2. Adjective
Real Rolex models manufactured since 2002 will possess a 3D hologram decal on the back of the watch.

3. Verb, base form
This is a good option if you are new to hologram projections.

Quotes containing the word hologram

1. Real life? Well, I just hope mine isn't investigated. They might find that I don't really exist - that I'm just a hologram.
- Steven Wright

2. So hologram means--"I finally said."It means non-corporeal, yeah. Which sucks seeing as how there are a lot of very corporeal things I'd like to do with you right now.
- Rachel Hawkins, Spell Bound