1. hesitantly

adverb. ['ˈhɛzɪtəntli'] with hesitation; in a hesitant manner.

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Words that Rhyme with Hesitantly

  • abruptly
  • absolutely
  • abundantly
  • accidently
  • accurately
  • acutely
  • adamantly
  • adequately
  • adequately
  • adroitly
  • affectionately
  • alertly
  • alternately
  • apparently
  • appropriately
  • approximately
  • aptly
  • ardently
  • arrogantly
  • astutely

Example sentences of the word hesitantly

1. Adverb
Your dog may also wag his tail hesitantly when he is feeling a bit nervous.

Quotes containing the word hesitantly

1. Juilin,"she asked hesitantly, "what were you going to do with the salt and cooking oil? Not exactly,"she added more quickly. "Just a general idea."He looked at her for a moment. "I do not know. But they did not, either. That is the trick of it; their minds made up worse then I ever could. I have seen a tough man break when I sent for a basket of figs and some mice.
- Robert Jordan, The Fires of Heaven