1. heralded

adjective. ['ˈhɛrəldɪd'] publicly announced.


  • publicised


  • quenched
  • unreleased

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Words that Rhyme with Heralded

  • abided
  • abounded
  • acceded
  • added
  • aided
  • appended
  • applauded
  • astounded
  • avoided
  • bombarded
  • concluded
  • corresponded
  • decided
  • demanded
  • did
  • discarded
  • evenhanded
  • exceeded
  • exploded
  • faded

Example sentences of the word heralded

1. Verb, past participle
Essential fatty acids or EFAs are essential to preventing health problems in dogs, often heralded by excessive shedding.

2. Verb, past tense
The 1970s heralded the opening of fast food franchises, still popular today.

3. Adjective
The most heralded restaurants share several qualities in common, which help ensure their continued growth.

Quotes containing the word heralded

1. Some of you may be perfectly happy with mediocrity. Some of you will get nothing but heartbreak. Some of you will be heralded as geniuses and become huge. Of course, all of you think that one describes you...hence the delusion necessary to push on.
- Marc Maron, Attempting Normal