1. gunner

noun. ['ˈgʌnɝ'] a serviceman in the artillery.


  • military man
  • man
  • serviceman
  • military personnel
  • artilleryman
  • cannoneer


  • draftee
  • volunteer
  • female
  • juvenile

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  • stunner
  • brunner
  • tonner
  • runner
  • gunnar
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Example sentences of the word gunner

1. Noun, singular or mass
Play the Ice Cream Factory level with a bomber, a glider and a gunner character.

Quotes containing the word gunner

1. The mind travels faster than the pen; consequently, writing becomes a question of learning to make occasional wing shots, bringing down the bird of thought as it flashes by. A writer is a gunner, sometimes waiting in the blind for something to come in, sometimes roaming the countryside hoping to scare something up.
- E.B. White, The Elements of Style