1. guinea

noun. ['ˈgɪni'] a west African bird having dark plumage mottled with white; native to Africa but raised for food in many parts of the world.


  • guinea fowl
  • domestic fowl
  • guinea hen
  • Numida
  • fowl
  • poultry
  • genus Numida


  • head
  • tail
  • obverse

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How do you pronounce guinea?

Pronounce guinea as ˈgɪni.

US - How to pronounce guinea in American English

UK - How to pronounce guinea in British English

Sentences with guinea

1. Noun, singular or mass
They're also prey of many of the wild animals that would feast on a guinea pig.

Quotes about guinea

1. Before I could figure out how to apologize for being such an idiot, she tackled me with a hug, then pulled away just as quickly. "I'm glad you're not a guinea pig.""Me, too."I hoped my face wasn't as red as it felt.
- Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

2. Guinea-Bissau_peso

noun. the basic unit of money in Guinea-Bissau; equal to 100 centavos.


  • peso
  • Guinea-Bissau monetary unit

3. guinea-hen_flower

noun. Eurasian checkered lily with pendant flowers usually veined and checkered with purple or maroon on a pale ground and shaped like the bells carried by lepers in medieval times; widely grown as an ornamental.


  • leper lily
  • checkered daffodil
  • Fritillaria meleagris
  • fritillary
  • snake's head fritillary

4. Guinea-Bissau

noun. a republic on the northwestern coast of Africa; recognized as independent by Portugal in 1974.


  • Bissau
  • Portuguese Guinea
  • Guine-Bissau
  • Africa
  • capital of Guinea-Bissau

5. Guinea-Bissau_monetary_unit

noun. monetary unit in Guinea-Bissau.


  • peso
  • Guinea-Bissau peso

6. guinea

noun. ['ˈgɪni'] a former British gold coin worth 21 shillings.

7. Guinea

noun. a republic in western Africa on the Atlantic; formerly a French colony; achieved independence from France in 1958.


  • Konakri
  • Guinean
  • Niger River
  • Niger
  • capital of Guinea
  • Africa
  • French Guinea
  • Republic of Guinea