1. growling

noun. ['ˈgroʊlɪŋ'] a gruff or angry utterance (suggestive of the growling of an animal).


  • vocalization

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Rhymes with Growling

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Sentences with growling

1. Noun, singular or mass
Say "no" as soon as the growling starts.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
Your puppy may be growling at children because he feels threatened by them.

Quotes about growling

1. My panties were still on but he didn’t let that stop him, nosing them out of the way and tonguing my sex, making low, growling noises in his throat like a big cat purring with pleasure while it devoured its prey.
- Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

2. growling

noun. ['ˈgroʊlɪŋ'] the sound of growling (as made by animals).


  • growl