Synonyms and Antonyms for groundsel-tree

1. groundsel tree (n.)

a shrub of salt marshes of eastern and south central North America and West Indies; fruit is surrounded with white plumelike hairy tufts

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2. tree-shaped (adj.)

resembling a tree in form and branching structure

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3. groundsel (n.)

Eurasian weed with heads of small yellow flowers

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4. tree (n.)

a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms

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5. tree (n.)

a figure that branches from a single root

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6. tree (v.)

plant with trees

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7. tree (v.)

chase an animal up a tree

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8. tree (v.)

stretch (a shoe) on a shoetree

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9. tree (v.)

force a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape

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10. Tree (n.)

English actor and theatrical producer noted for his lavish productions of Shakespeare (1853-1917)