1. groovy

adjective. ['ˈgruːvi'] (British informal) very chic.


  • fashionable
  • swagger


  • disobedient
  • worse
  • unfavorable

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Rhymes with Groovy

  • poovey
  • movie

Sentences with groovy

1. Noun, singular or mass
Peep how this kitchen was reworked from a simple space into something groovy.

2. Adjective
Target's update with gold-toned outfittings could be a very groovy addition on a vanity table.

Quotes about groovy

1. If I saw a hitchhiker wearing a tie-dyed shirt, I’d assume he’s been waiting for a ride since the 1960s. I think that kind of patience is groovy.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

2. groovy

adjective. ['ˈgruːvi'] very good.


  • slap-up
  • good
  • bully
  • bang-up
  • cracking
  • dandy
  • corking
  • neat
  • nifty
  • peachy
  • keen
  • not bad
  • great
  • swell


  • unrespectable
  • worst
  • export
  • import