1. grimace

verb. ['ˈgrɪməs'] contort the face to indicate a certain mental or emotional state.


  • pull a face
  • frown
  • lour
  • lower
  • screw up
  • pout
  • mop
  • squint
  • squinch
  • wince
  • communicate
  • glower
  • smile
  • mow
  • intercommunicate


  • direct
  • stand still
  • excommunicate
  • fixed-width font

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How do you pronounce grimace?

Pronounce grimace as ˈgrɪməs.

US - How to pronounce grimace in American English

UK - How to pronounce grimace in British English

Sentences with grimace

1. Noun, singular or mass
So if you're worried about your cat’s weird, faraway-looking grimace, don’t be.

2. Verb, base form
If chugging down tablespoons of slick liquid makes you queasy, there's no need to grimace.

Quotes about grimace

1. Cael, come on. Stop licking the dude. That's gross."Letty let out a snort. "Please, like you don't lick dudes.""That's different,"Dex explained with a grimace. "None of those dudes were Ash. Besides, last time I checked, Ash was allergic to nuts.
- Charlie Cochet, Hell & High Water

2. She dealt her pretty words like Blades --How glittering they shone --And every One unbared a NerveOr wantoned with a Bone --She never deemed -- she hurt --That -- is not Steel's Affair --A vulgar grimace in the Flesh --How ill the Creatures bear --To Ache is human -- not polite --The Film upon the eyeMortality's old Custom --Just locking up -- to Die.
- Emily Dickinson

2. grimace

noun. ['ˈgrɪməs'] a contorted facial expression.


  • facial expression
  • wry face
  • face
  • pout
  • moue


  • raise
  • ascend
  • rise
  • succeed