1. grazed

adjective. ['ˈgreɪzd'] scraped or touched lightly in passing.


  • unemotional

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Rhymes with Grazed

  • reappraised
  • unfazed
  • appraised
  • praised
  • phrased
  • glazed
  • crazed
  • braised
  • blazed
  • amazed
  • raised
  • phased
  • gazed
  • fazed
  • dazed

Sentences with grazed

1. Verb, past participle
Today the fern is prized as a garden plant and often is grazed upon by hungry deer.

2. Verb, past tense
The researchers determined that neither one of the behaviors made a difference when the cows grazed or rested.

3. Adjective
In a heavily grazed area, plants without thorns could be consumed before they go to seed.

Quotes about grazed

1. His fingers lightly grazed my cheek. "I didn't know you before. When you're not there, I can't concentrate. I'm wondering where you are, what you're doing...if you're there and I can see you, I can see you, I can focus. I know it's crazy, but that's how it is.""And crazy is exactly the way I like it,"I said, leaning up to kiss his lips."Obviously,"America muttered under breath.
- Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster