1. glued

adjective. ['ˈgluːd'] affixed or as if affixed with glue or paste.


  • affixed


  • loose

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Rhymes with Glued

  • misconstrued
  • yongchaiyudh
  • construed
  • protrude
  • preclude
  • extrude
  • exclude
  • conclude
  • ballyhooed
  • subdued
  • shampooed
  • seclude
  • reviewed
  • obtrude
  • nonfood
  • maksoud
  • intrude
  • include
  • imbued
  • eschewed
  • debuted
  • tattooed
  • spewed
  • skewed
  • screwed
  • renewed
  • pursued
  • masoud
  • masood
  • mahmud

Sentences with glued

1. Verb, past participle
Cut a piece of ribbon equal in length to the portion of stick glued to the mask.

2. Adjective
Some fountains come with glued pumps so that they will not move during operation.

Quotes about glued

1. For Nirvana, putting out their first major-label record was like getting into a new car. But the runaway success was like suddenly discovering that the car was a Ferrari and the accelerator pedal was Krazy Glued to the floorboard.
- Michael Azerrad

2. My eyes were glued on lifeand they were full of tears.
- Jack Kerouac, Atop an Underwood: Early Stories and Other Writings

3. We are mosaics - pieces of light, love, history, stars -- glued together with magic and music and words.
- Anita Krishan