1. gibberish

noun. ['ˈgɪbɝɪʃ'] unintelligible talking.


  • babble
  • meaninglessness
  • babbling
  • gabble
  • blatherskite
  • nonsensicality
  • double talk
  • mumbo jumbo
  • lallation
  • nonsense
  • hokum
  • gibber
  • bunk
  • abracadabra
  • jabbering
  • double Dutch
  • blather


  • significance
  • meaningfulness
  • purposefulness
  • meaningful

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Rhymes with Gibberish

  • licorice
  • schweizerische

How do you pronounce gibberish?

Pronounce gibberish as ˈgɪbərɪʃ.

US - How to pronounce gibberish in American English

UK - How to pronounce gibberish in British English

Sentences with gibberish

1. Adjective
You can also set it up so that both partners can only speak in gibberish.

2. Noun, singular or mass
This has the added benefit of displaying the text plainly without making you sift through gibberish.

Quotes about gibberish

1. In the land of Gibberish, the man who makes sense, the man who speaks clearly, clearly speaks nonsense.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

2. The trouble was that he was talking in philosophy but they were listening in gibberish.
- Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

3. But suppose it was truth double strong, it were no truth to me if I couldna take it in. I daresay there's truth in yon Latin book on your shelves; but it's gibberish and no truth to me, unless I know the meaning o' the words.
- Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South