1. geld

verb. cut off the testicles (of male animals such as horses).


  • cut
  • castrate
  • demasculinize
  • demasculinise


  • strengthen
  • thicken
  • inflate
  • deflate


  • gelda (Old Norse)

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Sentences with geld

1. Verb, base form
Many stallion owners choose to geld horses in order to eliminate aggressive behaviors toward horses and humans, the desire to mount mares, the desire to call out to mares and general stud-like behavior.

2. Verb, past tense
If he has one of those attributes but not the other, geld him.

3. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Some owners geld their young male horses in attempts to curb these behaviors.

4. Adjective
For best results, geld donkeys by age 2.

5. Noun, singular or mass
But for the seriously crafty, Kritzer goes through how to pour the geld into fun molds, add edible glitter and, of course, wrap the coins in candy foil so they look like the real thing.