1. gazania

noun. any plant of the genus Gazania valued for their showy daisy flowers.


  • flower
  • genus Gazania
  • treasure flower

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Sentences with gazania

1. Noun, singular or mass
Tie a bright piece of yarn or string around one or two of the healthiest, most robust gazania plants.

2. Verb, 3rd person singular present
Feed gazania flowers with a balanced 10-10-10 NPK water-soluble fertilizer once every two months during spring, summer and fall months.

3. Adjective
Spread a 3-inch layer of mulch over the surface of the soil surrounding gazania flowers.

4. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
In addition, the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service notes gazania daisy is a perennial grown in hardiness zone 8 through 11.

5. Verb, base form
To help gazania survive outdoors, plant the flowers in a dry location with lots of daily sun.