1. fussy

adjective. ['ˈfʌsi'] annoyed and irritable.


  • ill-natured
  • crabby
  • grouchy
  • grumpy
  • bad-tempered
  • ill-tempered
  • crabbed


  • common
  • general
  • nonspecific
  • secondary

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Rhymes with Fussy

  • debussy
  • drusie
  • tussey
  • tousey
  • russey
  • hussy
  • hussey
  • gussy
  • gussie
  • ducey
  • bussie
  • bussi
  • bussey
  • busey

Sentences with fussy

1. Adjective
Gardenias are beautiful plants, but they can be fussy about temperatures.

2. Verb, base form
Portioning out the dog's daily food rather than feeding all at once may help fussy eaters.

3. Verb, past participle
Because boxwood hedges can be fussy about their soil, the American Boxwood Society recommends soil testing.

Quotes about fussy

1. Why is it that all cars are women?"he asked. "Because they're fussy and demanding,"answered Zee. "Because if they were men, they'd sit around and complain instead of getting the job done,"I told him.
- Patricia Briggs, Silver Borne

2. Then we shan’t regard anyone as a lover of knowledge or wisdom who is fussy about what he studies…
- Plato, The Republic and Other Works

2. fussy

adjective. ['ˈfʌsi'] exacting especially about details.


  • picky
  • particular
  • fastidious
  • finical


  • lengthwise
  • uncross
  • unfold
  • pleasant

3. fussy

adjective. ['ˈfʌsi'] overcrowded or cluttered with detail.


  • busy


  • universal
  • universal proposition