1. fused

adjective. ['ˈfjuːzd'] joined together into a whole.


  • united
  • coalesced
  • consolidated
  • amalgamate


  • segregated
  • separate
  • distributive
  • unmarried

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Rhymes with Fused

  • disabused
  • underused
  • excused
  • recused
  • overused
  • misused
  • bemused
  • unused
  • enthused
  • amused
  • accused
  • abused
  • reused
  • perused
  • mused
  • cruised
  • bruised
  • rused
  • oozed

Sentences with fused

1. Verb, past participle
This glaze is actually a type of glass that is melted and fused onto the body of the tile.

2. Adjective
The converter might become completely fused almost immediately or over time and then would require immediate replacement.

3. Verb, past tense
Interfacing is set in place and then fused to the fabric using the heat from an iron.

Quotes about fused

1. When love has fused and mingled two beings in a sacred and angelic unity, the secret of life has been discovered so far as they are concerned; they are no longer anything more than the two boundaries of the same destiny; they are no longer anything but the two wings of the same spirit. Love, soar.
- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables