1. fumed

adjective. ['ˈfjuːmd'] (of wood) darkened or colored by exposure to ammonia fumes.


  • unprocessed

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Rhymes with Fumed

  • exhumed
  • reassumed
  • presumed
  • consumed
  • resumed
  • entombed
  • groomed
  • bloomed
  • assumed
  • zoomed
  • loomed
  • doomed
  • boomed

Sentences with fumed

1. Adjective
Scientifically, colloidal silicon dioxide is a fumed silica prepared by the hydrolisis of a silica compound.

Quotes about fumed

1. It's a mean story, Helen fumed. An absentee father who demands that his children put him at the center of their lives and beg for his return. Sister Priscilla didn't think it was mean, apparently. She was so in love with God that she had married him, even though she would not see his face, hear his voice, or feel his embrace for as long as she lived. One of us, Helen, thought is flying blind.
- Mark Salzman, Lying Awake