1. frosted

adjective. ['ˈfrɔstəd, ˈfrɔstɪd'] (of glass) having a roughened coating resembling frost.


  • clarity

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  • exhausted

Example sentences of the word frosted

1. Verb, past participle
Roll out the frosted window film onto a cutting mat.

2. Adjective
Press the frosted window film against the mirrored surface with your hands.

3. Verb, past tense
Clear light bulbs and frosted light bulbs share the same design.

Quotes containing the word frosted

1. Are you two you know?"Jacob pointed at us. "Together? Together? "I didn't get a chance to answer. Cam spun me around and kissed me, right there between the two buildings. It was no friendly peck on the lips. When our tongues touched, my bag slipped off my arm and hit the frosted ground."Holy crap,"Jacob muttered. "I think they're going to make babies.
- Jennifer L. Armentrout, Wait for You

2. Anna,"he said, dragging his frosted fingers through my hair."Don't you know what it means when a boy pulls your hair at your birthday party?""No."Just, then, i didn't know what anything meant.
- Sarah Ockler, Twenty Boy Summer