1. fretted

adjective. ['ˈfrɛtɪd'] having a pattern of fretwork or latticework.


  • reticular
  • reticulate
  • latticed
  • latticelike


  • stay

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Rhymes with Fretted

  • silhouetted
  • regretted
  • indebted
  • whetted
  • sweated
  • abetted
  • vetted
  • petted
  • netted
  • jetted

Sentences with fretted

1. Verb, past tense
Guitar Pro is primarily designed to create music tablature for guitar, bass and similar fretted instruments.

2. Adjective
Play the sixth fret of your fifth string and tune your low E string to match the fretted note.

3. Verb, past participle
Placing the bridge too close to the neck shortens scale length and makes fretted notes sharp.