Synonyms and Antonyms for french-foreign-legion

1. French Foreign Legion (n.)

a former foreign legion in the French army that was used for military duties outside of France


2. foreign (adj.)

of concern to or concerning the affairs of other nations (other than your own)

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3. foreign (adj.)

relating to or originating in or characteristic of another place or part of the world

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4. foreign (adj.)

not contained in or deriving from the essential nature of something

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5. foreign (adj.)

not belonging to that in which it is contained; introduced from an outside source

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6. French (adj.)

of or pertaining to France or the people of France

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8. French (n.)

the people of France

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9. legion (n.)

archaic terms for army

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10. legion (adj.)

amounting to a large indefinite number

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