1. formaldehyde

noun. ['fɔrˈmældəˌhaɪd, fɝˈmældəˌhaɪd'] a colorless poisonous gas; made by the oxidation of methanol.


  • gas
  • methanal


  • leaded gasoline
  • unleaded gasoline
  • defend

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How do you pronounce formaldehyde?

Pronounce formaldehyde as fərˈmældəˌhaɪd.

US - How to pronounce formaldehyde in American English

UK - How to pronounce formaldehyde in British English

Sentences with formaldehyde

1. Noun, singular or mass
It is highly toxic and is broken down into formaldehyde when it is absorbed in the human body.

2. Adjective
Other known ingredients that cause serious health issues are formaldehyde, acetone and terpenes.

2. polyvinyl-formaldehyde

noun. a polymer of vinyl formaldehyde.


  • inelastic