1. focussed

adjective. ['ˈfoʊkəst, ˈfoʊkɪst'] being in focus or brought into focus.


  • perpendicular

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Rhymes with Focussed

  • focused

2. focussed

adjective. ['ˈfoʊkəst, ˈfoʊkɪst'] (of light rays) converging on a point.


  • convergent


  • unadjusted
  • parallel

Sentences with focussed

1. Adjective
For some employers, accomodating employee's lifestyles creates happier employees who are more focussed during their time at work.

2. Verb, past participle
Various types of medical equipment, scanners and CD players use laser beams, and because these are highly focussed, they must often be dispersed in order for the equipment to work properly.