1. focal

adjective. ['ˈfoʊkəl'] having or localized centrally at a focus.


  • unimportant

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Rhymes with Focal

  • vanroekel
  • trokel
  • stoeckle
  • stoeckel
  • vocal
  • sokol
  • socal
  • moeckel
  • local
  • boeckel

Sentences with focal

1. Adjective
This will make your eyes stand out even more, making your eyes the focal point of your face.

Quotes about focal

1. People talk about books being an escape, but here on the tube, this one feels more like a lifeline...The motion of the train makes her head rattle, but her eyes lock on the words the way a figure skater might choose a focal point as she spins, and just like that, she's grounded again.
- Jennifer E. Smith, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight