1. flustered

adjective. ['ˈflʌstɝd'] thrown into a state of agitated confusion; (`rattled' is an informal term).


  • hot and bothered
  • rattled
  • perturbed


  • dignified
  • unagitated
  • unflurried
  • coolheaded

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Words that Rhyme with Flustered

  • clustered
  • mustered
  • mustard
  • custard
  • bustard

Example sentences of the word flustered

1. Verb, past participle
The bird should not have much room to move about, get flustered and try to flap his wings.

2. Adjective
Instead of asking for help, she may feel flustered and drift off into a daydream.

Quotes containing the word flustered

1. It is better, I think, to grab at the stars than to sit flustered because you know you cannot reach them.
- R.A. Salvatore, Sojourn

2. I spoke like a spoke on a wheel, as I went around and around without actually saying what I wanted to say. I was love flustered.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE