1. fluorescent

adjective. ['ˌflʊˈrɛsənt, ˌflɔˈrɛsənt'] emitting light during exposure to radiation from an external source.


Rhymes with Fluorescent

  • antidepressant
  • incandescent
  • convalescent
  • obsolescent
  • luminescent
  • suppressant
  • iridescent
  • evanescent
  • effervescent
  • depressant
  • adolescent
  • quiescent
  • incessant
  • crescent
  • bessent

How do you pronounce fluorescent?

Pronounce fluorescent as ˌflʊˈrɛsənt.

US - How to pronounce fluorescent in American English

UK - How to pronounce fluorescent in British English

How do you spell fluorescent? Is it flourescent ?

A common misspelling of fluorescent is flourescent

2. fluorescent

adjective. ['ˌflʊˈrɛsənt, ˌflɔˈrɛsənt'] brilliantly colored and apparently giving off light.


3. fluorescent

noun. ['ˌflʊˈrɛsənt, ˌflɔˈrɛsənt'] a lighting fixture that uses a fluorescent lamp.