1. fluorescent

adjective. ['ˌflʊˈrɛsənt, ˌflɔˈrɛsənt'] emitting light during exposure to radiation from an external source.


  • achromatic

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Rhymes with Fluorescent

  • antidepressant
  • incandescent
  • convalescent
  • obsolescent
  • luminescent
  • suppressant
  • iridescent
  • evanescent
  • effervescent
  • depressant
  • adolescent
  • quiescent
  • incessant
  • crescent
  • bessent

How do you pronounce fluorescent?

Pronounce fluorescent as ˌflʊˈrɛsənt.

US - How to pronounce fluorescent in American English

UK - How to pronounce fluorescent in British English

How do you spell fluorescent? Is it flourescent ?

A common misspelling of fluorescent is flourescent

Sentences with fluorescent

1. Noun, singular or mass
Position the ladder under the the fluorescent light that will be changed out.

2. Adjective
Snap in the new diffuser or use the screwdriver to secure it to the fluorescent fixture.

2. fluorescent

adjective. ['ˌflʊˈrɛsənt, ˌflɔˈrɛsənt'] brilliantly colored and apparently giving off light.


  • colorful


  • colourless
  • uncolored

3. fluorescent

noun. ['ˌflʊˈrɛsənt, ˌflɔˈrɛsənt'] a lighting fixture that uses a fluorescent lamp.


  • fluorescent fixture


  • bright
  • dull