1. flatbed

noun. ['ˈflætˌbɛd'] an open truck bed or trailer with no sides; used to carry large heavy objects.


  • bright

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Rhymes with Flatbed

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Sentences with flatbed

1. Noun, singular or mass
Lower the flatbed of the tow truck using the flatbed's hydraulics system so that it makes a ramp.

2. Adjective
Check that the flatbed truck is at least a medium duty truck able to support 5,500 pound or more.

3. Verb, past participle
Bolt the cabin to the flatbed so that it won’t shift when it is being moved.

2. flatbed

noun. ['ˈflætˌbɛd'] freight car without permanent sides or roof.


  • flatcar
  • flat


  • modulated
  • uneven
  • unidimensional