1. fewer

adjective. ['ˈfjuːɝ'] (comparative of `few' used with count nouns) quantifier meaning a smaller number of.


  • less


  • more
  • all

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Rhymes with Fewer

  • wrongdoer
  • reviewer
  • skewer
  • pursuer
  • lesueur
  • lesuer
  • viewer
  • truer
  • pruer
  • kruer
  • hewer
  • heuer
  • grauer
  • fluor
  • feuer
  • buehrer
  • bruer
  • brewer
  • breuer
  • bluer
  • who're
  • sewer
  • newer
  • kuhar
  • duer
  • dewarr
  • dewar
  • couper
  • chewer
  • buer

Sentences with fewer

1. Adjective, comparative
The more paper products are recycled, the fewer trees need to be cut down to make new ones.

Quotes about fewer

1. Running fills a need so we make fewer demands on others. Running reveals the roots of negative thinking, so the weeds can be pulled. Running reconnects the soul to the source, inspiring hope and creativity.
- Kristin Armstrong

2. There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense.
- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

3. In some ways, Israel has achieved a peace. There are fewer rockets being sent into Sderot, there are no rockets to speak of from the North, there has been very little terrorism from the West Bank. It's a kind of peace. I hope for a better and more enduring peace. Peace is not an endgame; we will never be completely at peace.
- Alan Dershowitz