1. featureless

adjective. ['ˈfiːtʃɝləs'] lacking distinguishing characteristics or features.


  • cheer

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Rhymes with Featureless

  • accomplice
  • aeschelus
  • ageless
  • aimless
  • airless
  • alice
  • anschluss
  • argyropoulos
  • bacillus
  • backless
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Sentences with featureless

1. Noun, singular or mass
Conversely, underexposing your negative in order to manipulate density may make the images appear as black and featureless.

2. Adjective
Nebraska has a reputation as a flat, featureless expanse of dry prairie.

Quotes about featureless

1. Its a bit mad. Too bad, I mean, that getting to know each just for a fleeting second Must be replaced by unperfect knowledge of the featureless wholeLike some pocket history of the world, so generalAs to constitute a sob or wail
- John Ashbery, Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror