1. faltering

adjective. ['ˈfɔltɝɪŋ'] unsteady in speech or action.


  • ride

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Rhymes with Faltering

  • acquiring
  • administering
  • altering
  • anchoring
  • angering
  • answering
  • auguring
  • authoring
  • battering
  • bolstering
  • bothering
  • capturing
  • censoring
  • centering
  • chartering
  • chattering
  • chickering
  • clamoring
  • clattering
  • clobbering

2. faltering

noun. ['ˈfɔltɝɪŋ'] the act of pausing uncertainly.


  • hesitation
  • waver
  • pause


  • willingness
  • devoice
  • activity
  • regular

Sentences with faltering

1. Adjective
Sometimes, the cause of inflation derives from excessive government borrowing in the face of a weak economy and faltering government revenue.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
Practice this until she is able to go over several consecutive jumps without faltering and make a huge fuss of her once she gets it right.

3. Noun, singular or mass
So if you find your mind wandering or your form faltering, check-in with your body to make sure everything is active.