1. fallacy

noun. ['ˈfæləsi'] a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning.


  • sophistry
  • sophism
  • pathetic fallacy
  • false belief
  • sophistication
  • misconception
  • logical fallacy
  • pseudoscience


  • unenlightenment
  • naivete
  • dimension
  • concept

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Example sentences of the word fallacy

1. Noun, singular or mass
If this fallacy were true, there would be no such thing as laws.

Quotes containing the word fallacy

1. No, that is the great fallacy: the wisdom of old men. They do not grow wise. They grow careful.
- Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

2. Why did I hope we would be happy abroad? A change of environment is that traditional fallacy upon which doomed loves, and lungs, rely.
- Vladimir Nabokov

3. The logic of worldly success rests on a fallacy: the strange error that our perfection depends on the thoughts and opinions and applause of other men!
- Thomas Merton, The Seven Storey Mountain