1. faithfulness

noun. ['ˈfeɪθfəlˌnɛs'] the quality of being faithful.


  • quality
  • loyalty
  • fidelity
  • dedication
  • trueness
  • constancy
  • unfaithful


  • faithful
  • disloyalty
  • unfaithful
  • infidelity

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Sentences with faithfulness

1. Noun, singular or mass
If you're confident in your partner's faithfulness, your relationship is strong and you have plenty of other interests to keep you going while he's away, you may be equipped to handle the separation.

2. Adjective
They include faithfulness to spouse and family, integrity, temperance and humility.

3. Adverb
The course will introduce students to great thinkers in the field of moral philosophy and explore topics such as honesty, loyalty, love, and faithfulness, as well as narcissism, prejudice, and vanity.”