1. fabulously

adverb. ['ˈfæbjuːləsli'] exceedingly; extremely.


  • incredibly


  • credibly


  • -ly (English)
  • -lice (Old English (ca. 450-1100))
  • fabulous (English)

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Words that Rhyme with Fabulously

  • adversely
  • aimlessly
  • ambitiously
  • anonymously
  • anxiously
  • assiduously
  • autonomously
  • breathlessly
  • callously
  • capriciously
  • carelessly
  • cautiously
  • ceaselessly
  • closely
  • concisely
  • conscientiously
  • consciously
  • conspicuously
  • contemporaneously
  • contemptuously

Example sentences of the word fabulously

1. Adverb
Whether in a throw pillow or bedspread, hot pink shades work fabulously with gray.

Quotes containing the word fabulously

1. Do not follow me! Let's just be fabulously where we are and who we are. You be you and I'll be me, today and today and today, and let's trust the future to tommorrow. Let the stars keep track of us. Let us ride our own orbits and trust that they will meet. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies!
- Jerry Spinelli, Love, Stargirl