1. expressive

adjective. ['ɪkˈsprɛsɪv'] characterized by expression.


  • communicatory


  • taciturn
  • inarticulate

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Rhymes with Expressive

  • unimpressive
  • progressive
  • successive
  • repressive
  • regressive
  • impressive
  • depressive
  • recessive
  • possessive
  • oppressive
  • obsessive
  • excessive
  • aggressive

How do you pronounce expressive?

Pronounce expressive as ɪkˈsprɛsɪv.

US - How to pronounce expressive in American English

UK - How to pronounce expressive in British English

Sentences with expressive

1. Adjective
The art is to use just enough rich description and expressive vocabulary and not a syllable more.

Quotes about expressive

1. Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.
- Henri Matisse

2. Because I trust in the ever-changing climate of the heart. (At least, today I feel that way.) I think it is necessary to have many experiences for the sake of feeling something; for the sake of being challenged, and for the sake of being expressive, to offer something to someone else, to learn what we are capable of.
- Jason Mraz

3. Every time a student walks past a really urgent, expressive piece of architecture that belongs to his college, it can help reassure him that he does have that mind, does have that soul.
- Louis Kahn