1. explorer

noun. ['ɪkˈsplɔrɝ'] someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose).


  • underwater diver
  • mortal
  • someone
  • soul
  • diver
  • spelunker
  • speleologist
  • frogman
  • spelaeologist
  • navigator
  • conquistador
  • person
  • individual
  • somebody
  • potholer


  • introvert
  • withholder
  • male
  • adult

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Rhymes with Explorer

  • restorer
  • storer
  • sporer
  • spoarer
  • scorer
  • florer
  • rorer
  • rohrer
  • rhorer
  • mowrer
  • mourer
  • maurer
  • horror
  • dorer
  • borer
  • bohrer

How do you pronounce explorer?

Pronounce explorer as ɪkˈsplɔrər.

US - How to pronounce explorer in American English

UK - How to pronounce explorer in British English

Sentences with explorer

1. Noun, singular or mass
You will need a file explorer, such as ES File Explorer or Astro File Manager.

Quotes about explorer

1. I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food
- Erma Bombeck

2. I may not have proved a great explorer, but we have done the greatest march ever made and come very near to great success.
- Robert Falcon Scott

3. You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.
- Terence McKenna

2. Explorer

noun. a commercial browser.


  • Internet Explorer