1. exploration

noun. ['ˌɛksplɝˈeɪʃən, ˌɛksplɔˈreɪʃən'] to travel for the purpose of discovery.


  • geographic expedition


  • thoughtlessness
  • inconsideration

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Rhymes with Exploration

  • deinstitutionalization
  • institutionalization
  • self-congratulation
  • antidiscrimination
  • telecommunication
  • nondiscrimination
  • misrepresentation
  • mischaracterization
  • internationalization
  • industrialization
  • decriminalization
  • transillumination
  • self-determination
  • renationalization
  • recapitalization
  • prestidigitation
  • misinterpretation
  • misidentification
  • miscommunication
  • experimentation
  • excommunication
  • disqualification
  • discontinuation
  • denationalization
  • decentralization
  • transplantation
  • singularization
  • self-perpetuation
  • securitization
  • reinterpretation

How do you pronounce exploration?

Pronounce exploration as ˌɛksplərˈeɪʃən.

US - How to pronounce exploration in American English

UK - How to pronounce exploration in British English

Sentences with exploration

1. Noun, singular or mass
Plants can even grow in the electric lights that humans bring along for cave exploration.

Quotes about exploration

1. For me, 'Lamb' started out as a further exploration of the phenomenon of faith and the responsibility of a messiah that I touched on in 'Coyote Blue' and 'Island of the Sequined Love Nun,' but it ended up being an exploration of the true meaning of sacrifice, loyalty, and friendship.
- Christopher Moore

2. In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.
- Ansel Adams

3. Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing.
- E.L. Doctorow

2. exploration

noun. ['ˌɛksplɝˈeɪʃən, ˌɛksplɔˈreɪʃən'] a careful systematic search.


  • hunt
  • hunting
  • search


  • tactlessness

3. exploration

noun. ['ˌɛksplɝˈeɪʃən, ˌɛksplɔˈreɪʃən'] a systematic consideration.