1. ester

noun. ['ˈɛstɝ'] formed by reaction between an acid and an alcohol with elimination of water.


  • ethyl acetate
  • glyceryl ester
  • base
  • nucleotide
  • cyclohexanol phthalate
  • lactate
  • organic compound
  • cellulose ester
  • urethane
  • citrate
  • maleate
  • polyester


  • noble
  • incidental
  • genuine
  • legitimate

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How do you pronounce ester?

Pronounce ester as ˈɛstər.

US - How to pronounce ester in American English

UK - How to pronounce ester in British English

Sentences with ester

1. Noun, singular or mass
Spray the infected lawn or garden area with ester that is specifically designed to kill devil grass.

2. Adjective
When you see the word acetate at the end, it means your alpha-tocopherol supplement is in ester form.