Essay Past Tense

The past tense of Essay is essayed.

1. essay

noun. ['ɛˈseɪ, ˈɛˌseɪ'] an analytic or interpretive literary composition.


  • essai (Middle French (ca. 1400-1600))

Rhymes with Essay

  • alexei
  • divorcee
  • fiance
  • gainsay
  • gyosai
  • hearsay
  • isay
  • keisei
  • ramsay
  • taisei
  • yonsei

How do you pronounce essay?

Pronounce essay as ˈɛˌseɪ.

US - How to pronounce essay in American English

UK - How to pronounce essay in British English

How to spell essay? Is it esay? Or eassay? Common misspellings are:

  • esay
  • eassay

2. essay

noun. ['ɛˈseɪ, ˈɛˌseɪ'] a tentative attempt.


  • essai (Middle French (ca. 1400-1600))

4. essay

verb. ['ɛˈseɪ, ˈɛˌseɪ'] put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to.



  • essai (Middle French (ca. 1400-1600))