1. especial

adjective. ['əˈspɛʃəl'] surpassing what is common or usual or expected.


  • special
  • particular
  • exceptional


  • usual
  • uncommonness
  • ordinary
  • general

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Rhymes with Especial

  • preschel
  • peschel
  • meshell

How do you pronounce especial?

Pronounce especial as əˈspɛʃəl.

US - How to pronounce especial in American English

UK - How to pronounce especial in British English

Sentences with especial

1. Adjective
Pickling is normally done on light woods with an open grain, especial maple, ash and oak.

Quotes about especial

1. Contrary to what you may assume, I am not a pessimist but an indifferentist- that is, I don't make the mistake of thinking that the... cosmos... gives a damn one way or the other about the especial wants and ultimate welfare of mosquitoes, rats, lice, dogs, men, horses, pterodactyls, trees, fungi, dodos, or other forms of biological energy.
- H.P. Lovecraft