1. ensconce

verb. ['ɪnˈskɑːns'] fix firmly.


  • place
  • pose
  • lay
  • put
  • settle
  • position


  • deglycerolize
  • pressurize
  • depressurise
  • pressurise


  • en- (English)
  • en- (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • sconce (English)
  • esconce (French)

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Rhymes with Ensconce

  • nonchalance
  • renaissance
  • lesperance
  • response
  • scronce
  • reponse
  • schronce
  • cronce
  • yonce
  • ponce
  • nonce
  • honse
  • hans
  • gonce

How do you pronounce ensconce?

Pronounce ensconce as ɪnˈskɑns.

US - How to pronounce ensconce in American English

UK - How to pronounce ensconce in British English

Sentences with ensconce

1. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Certain sea cucumbers ensconce themselves in pre-existing burrows of the substrate and extend their tentacles into the water column to snatch up prey.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Twenty stories of glass ensconce a haute-couture crowd, offering up cuisine by the venerable Mr. Chow, pampering at the Bliss-brand spa, glass balconies with beach and ocean views, and an outdoor heated pool.

3. Verb, base form
This luxurious mountain retreat allows you to ensconce yourself and your partner within one of 26 suites, each of which comes with a fireplace.