1. enjoining

noun. ['ˌɛnˈdʒɔɪnɪŋ'] (law) a judicial remedy issued in order to prohibit a party from doing or continuing to do a certain activity.


  • mandatory injunction
  • final injunction
  • prohibition
  • permanent injunction
  • temporary injunction
  • ban
  • interlocutory injunction
  • cease and desist order
  • proscription
  • enjoinment


  • permit
  • decriminalize
  • legalize
  • decriminalise

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Rhymes with Enjoining

  • disappointing
  • rejoining
  • adjoining
  • coining

Sentences with enjoining

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Instead, you submit a notarized petition to amortize debts, an affidavit of debts and an order appointing trustee and enjoining creditors, and then you receive your approval by mail.