1. emphasized

adjective. ['ˈɛmfəˌsaɪzd'] spoken with emphasis.


  • accented
  • emphasised
  • stressed


  • unassertive
  • forceless
  • atonic
  • untroubled

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Rhymes with Emphasized

  • accessorized
  • africanized
  • agonized
  • alphabetized
  • aluminized
  • americanized
  • amortized
  • analyzed
  • anglicized
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Sentences with emphasized

1. Verb, past tense
In both instances, the sculptors emphasized the physical beauty of the human form.

Quotes about emphasized

1. That's something I learned in art school. I studied graphic design in Germany, and my professor emphasized the responsibility that designers and illustrators have towards the people they create things for.
- Eric Carle

2. The life of every individual, viewed as a whole and in general, and when only its most significant features are emphasized, is really a tragedy; but gone through in detail it has the character of a comedy.
- Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, Vol 1