1. emboldened

adjective. ['ɛmˈboʊldənd'] made bold or courageous.


  • afraid

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Words that Rhyme with Emboldened

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  • aforementioned
  • airconditioned
  • apportioned
  • auctioned
  • auditioned
  • awakened
  • bargained
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  • blackened
  • bludgeoned
  • brightened
  • broadened
  • burdened
  • burgeoned
  • buttoned
  • captioned
  • cautioned
  • cautioned
  • championed

Example sentences of the word emboldened

1. Verb, past participle
Perpetrators may be emboldened by the lack of follow-through.

2. Adjective
The item selected will become emboldened.

Quotes containing the word emboldened

1. I always felt different as a kid, and the Kinks were like, 'Yeah, we're the Kinks.' Celebrate your difference; don't be afraid of your sense of humor, or your personality, or who you are. It emboldened me.
- Michael Weatherly