1. dualism

noun. ['ˈduːəˌlɪzəm'] the doctrine that reality consists of two basic opposing elements, often taken to be mind and matter (or mind and body), or good and evil.


  • ism
  • school of thought
  • doctrine
  • philosophical system


  • formalism
  • nationalism
  • pluralism
  • unbelief

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  • intellectualism

Example sentences of the word dualism

1. Noun, singular or mass
Gnosticism is marked by a dualism between spirit and material.

Quotes containing the word dualism

1. Pursue not the outer entanglements; Dwell not in the inner void; Be serene in the oneness of things; And dualism vanishes by itself.
- Sengcan, Hsin-Hsin Ming: Verses on the Faith-Mind

2. For several centuries, the Celtic church of Ireland was spared the Greek dualism of matter and spirit. They regarded the world with the clear vision of faith. When a young Celtic monk saw his cat catch a salmon swimming in shallow water, he cried, "The power of the Lord is in the paw of the cat!
- Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Burnt Out