1. drugged

adjective. ['ˈdrʌgd'] under the influence of narcotics.


  • narcotised
  • drunk
  • intoxicated
  • narcotized
  • doped


  • nondrinker
  • unexcited
  • untreated
  • drug-free

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Rhymes with Drugged

  • unplugged
  • slugged
  • shrugged
  • plugged
  • tugged
  • mugged
  • hugged
  • chugged
  • bugged

How do you pronounce drugged?

Pronounce drugged as drəgd.

US - How to pronounce drugged in American English

UK - How to pronounce drugged in British English

Sentences with drugged

1. Verb, past participle
In addition, the driver may appear drugged.

2. Verb, past tense
Iowa calls the crime of drunk or drugged driving "operating while intoxicated," or OWI.

3. Adjective
Examples of incompetency include a drugged person, an underage person or a person who is mentally impaired.

Quotes about drugged

1. When the immense drugged universe explodesIn a cascade of unendurable colourAnd leaves us gasping naked,This is no more than the ectasy of chaos:Hold fast, with both hands, to that royal loveWhich alone, as we know certainly, restoresFragmentation into true being.Ecstasy of Chaos
- Robert Graves, Poems 1965-1968