1. drafting

noun. ['ˈdræftɪŋ'] the craft of drawing blueprints.


  • craft
  • trade


  • buy
  • export
  • import

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Rhymes with Drafting

  • grafting
  • crafting
  • shafting

Sentences with drafting

1. Noun, singular or mass
Download a flower farm business plan example from the internet to help your drafting.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
Students work with them in math classes, while drafting professionals use them on the job.

Quotes about drafting

1. I used to love to draw. I didn't want to go to art class because I felt that would be too corny when I was young, but architectural drafting was the cool thing to do because there was more precision. It taught me a lot about building and structures and doorways and frames and windowsills.
- Ice Cube

2. My university degree is in art and, yes, I do a lot of drawing for all my books. I have a big drafting table set up in a spare bedroom and I cover it with maps and house plans and sketches that I use in the books. Also, I truly love architecture, so that plays a big part in all my books.
- Jude Deveraux

2. drafting

noun. ['ˈdræftɪŋ'] writing a first version to be filled out and polished later.


  • authorship
  • writing
  • composition

3. drafting

noun. ['ˈdræftɪŋ'] the creation of artistic pictures or diagrams.


  • artistic production
  • tracing
  • pyrography
  • artistic creation
  • drawing
  • art