1. documentary

noun. ['ˌdɑːkjəˈmɛntɝi, ˌdɑːkjəˈmɛnɝi, ˌdɑːkjuːˈmɛntɝi, ˌdɑːkjuːˈmɛnɝi'] a film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event.


  • moving-picture show
  • film
  • picture
  • motion picture
  • infotainment
  • flick
  • pic
  • moving picture
  • docudrama
  • movie
  • motion-picture show
  • picture show


  • insincere
  • nonexistent
  • nonbeing
  • extinct

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Rhymes with Documentary

  • supplementary
  • parliamentary
  • fitzhenry
  • mcenery
  • plenary
  • henrie
  • henery

How do you pronounce documentary?

Pronounce documentary as ˌdɑkjəˈmɛnəri.

US - How to pronounce documentary in American English

UK - How to pronounce documentary in British English

How do you spell documentary? Is it documentry ?

A common misspelling of documentary is documentry

Sentences with documentary

1. Adjective
Is it drama, comedy, romance, horror, science fiction, documentary, etc.?

2. Noun, singular or mass
A citation for a documentary you watched on DVD would read, "A Typical Documentary (Italicized).

3. Verb, base form
Activities range from hula lessons to wood carvings to documentary films at the IMAX theater.

Quotes about documentary

1. I've been encouraging documentary filmmakers to use more and more humor, and they're loath to do that because they think if it's a documentary it has to be deadly serious - it has to be like medicine that you're supposed to take. And I think it's what keeps the mass audience from going to documentaries.
- Michael Moore

2. documentary

adjective. ['ˌdɑːkjəˈmɛntɝi, ˌdɑːkjəˈmɛnɝi, ˌdɑːkjuːˈmɛntɝi, ˌdɑːkjuːˈmɛnɝi'] emphasizing or expressing things as perceived without distortion of personal feelings, insertion of fictional matter, or interpretation.


  • real
  • objective


  • pull
  • stand still
  • abstract

3. documentary

adjective. ['ˌdɑːkjəˈmɛntɝi, ˌdɑːkjəˈmɛnɝi, ˌdɑːkjuːˈmɛntɝi, ˌdɑːkjuːˈmɛnɝi'] relating to or consisting of or derived from documents.


  • unreality