Synonyms and Antonyms for dissociation-constant

1. dissociation constant (n.)

the equilibrium constant for a reversible dissociation


2. constant-width font (n.)

a typeface is which each character is given the same width (as by a typewriter)

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3. dissociation (n.)

the act of removing from association

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4. dissociation (n.)

(chemistry) the temporary or reversible process in which a molecule or ion is broken down into smaller molecules or ions

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5. dissociation (n.)

a state in which some integrated part of a person's life becomes separated from the rest of the personality and functions independently

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6. constant (adj.)

unvarying in nature

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7. constant (n.)

a quantity that does not vary

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9. constant (adj.)

uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing

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