1. dispersed

adjective. ['dɪˈspɝːst'] distributed or spread over a considerable extent.


  • spread


  • collective
  • gather

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Words that Rhyme with Dispersed

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Example sentences of the word dispersed

1. Adjective
A dispersed camping area at the Burnt Corral boat launch offers dry camping with restrooms and potable water.

2. Verb, past participle
Researchers can learn more about populations by studying they way they are distributed or dispersed.

3. Verb, past tense
In U.S. National Forests, dispersed camping is allowed nearly anywhere you choose.

Quotes containing the word dispersed

1. Why would an all-powerful creator decide to plant his carefully crafted species on islands and continents in exactly the appropriate pattern to suggest, irresistibly, that they had evolved and dispersed from the site of their evolution?
- Richard Dawkins, The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution